How accessible is Cannes? We did the test!


Yesterday evening Kevin and I polished up our French skills and visited some locations in the neighborhood of the Cannes Lions Festival.  The first shop we entered was ‘Dior’ – that was immediately quite an experience! With a lot of care, we were welcomed and we got a tour of the shop.  The whole shop seems to be accessible – including an accessible toilet.

I must admit, not everywhere the welcome was that hearty! In some shops we were asked to leave again because permission of the shop owner was needed to be asked before On Wheels can do some measurements.  I believe it comes down to this, either you have a very accessible shop and you want to promote it, or the shop is very inaccessible and you’re afraid to show your weakness.

Someone needed to enter the data…and that was me! So in the late hours, after we had a very nice dinner with the three of us to celebrate our first evening here, I start entering data!